ECDL resources added in 2017

  • Overview of the unit
    This level 1 unit is called IT Security for Users and requires you to identify day-to-day security risks and laws/guidelines that affect the use of IT.
    At this level you are required to demonstrate the skills and knowledge needed to protect hardware, software and data within an IT system against theft, malfunction and unauthorised access. Any aspect that is unfamiliar to you may require support and advice from others.
    This guide is designed to be used with Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office and contains exercises covering the following topics:
     Identifying Viruses
     Virus Checking
     Avoiding Malware
     Backing Up
     Protecting IT Systems
     Secure Networks
     Keeping Information Secure
     Laws and Guidelines
    Aims and objectives
    The purpose of this guide is to provide the knowledge and techniques necessary to meet the learning outcomes and assessment criteria for this optional unit.
    After completing this guide you will be able to:
     Recognise threats to IT systems and their performance
     Keep information safe and secure
     Use appropriate security precautions to minimise risk
     Appreciate the laws, guidelines and procedures for using IT
     Understand the importance of backing-up your data
  • Aims:
    The aim of this guide is to provide you with the practical skills required to use
    modern ICT devices safely and securely. You will learn how to use Windows 7 to
    work effectively and create, store and manage files.

    After completing this guide you will be able to:
    · Understand key ICT concepts
    · Use the main features of the Windows 7 operating system
    · Adjust computer settings
    · Understand the main concepts of file management and be able to efficiently
    organise files and folders so that they are easy to identify and find
    · Create, edit, store and print a simple text document
    · Use utility software to compress and extract large files, and use antivirus
    software to protect against computer viruses and other malware
    · Appreciate the importance of data security and backing up
    · Be aware of important environmental, legal, and health and safety issues that
    apply to ICT users.